Frangokastello begs to be explored!

If there is one thing about Frangokastello that will leave a lasting impression on you, then it has got to be the unforgettable scenery! Just getting there offers you the opportunity to see the majestic geological features of the Omalos Plateau and then admire the serene waters of the beach. The icing to the cake? A Venetian fortress, shrouded in mystery, of course!

How to get to Frangokastello.

Frangokastello is located in the south coast of Crete. It’s pretty close to Chora Sfakion, on the east. There are road links from Chania airport to Sfakia. The same goes if you land at Heraklion airport. 

This is where Sfakia Taxi comes in, to provide their flawless services. They are here to offer all essential information if you are planning a road trip in Frangokastello, along with the appropriate vehicle for you. They can also transfer you straight from Chania or Heraklion airport to Frangokastello. Why not take advantage of the thorough knowledge of the area that this Sfakia based transportation business can share?

Lucky for you, the stunning scenic route that takes you there traverses the Omalos Plateau. This means you can go through some of the most outstanding landscapes in the Sfakia region. Visitors really adore the awesome rock formations of Imbros Gorge. Winding your way south, you can only marvel at the sensational seascape of Frangokastello. Welcome to the south coast of Sfakia!

frangokastello in south crete

Frangokastello beach is a hidden gem you mustn’t miss!

By now you may have already realized that several beaches in Crete rank among the best in Europe. Frangokastello is one among the most memorable. You see, Frangokastello is a true fairy tale setting. A sandy beach with calm, crystal clear waters that glitter under the sand. In parts of the beach, there are beautiful, impressive sand dunes. The great advantage here are the shallow waters, perfect for kids splashing around!

It goes without saying, the most attractive trait of Frangokastello is the Venetian castle on the beach! This is a fortress built by the Venetians in the 14th century. The flat area around the castle is full of local plants endemic to the region. You can visit the castle first and then head for the cool waters of the sea.

Delve into the past in Frangokastello!

Are you fascinated by eras gone by? Well the island of Crete has a wealth of history and a part of it lies here, in Frangokastello. 

During the Ottoman Turkish occupation, a great fight took place here, ending in the massacre of Cretan soldiers defending the fortress. Local legend has it that on the anniversary of this battle, in early summer, one can see the spirits of the dead warriors wandering on the beach. This ghost army appears with the morning dew, when humidity is high. The reflection of the sun rays creates this vision, apparently. The local name given to these ghost soldiers is Drosoulites, which means morning dew soldiers!